Drip irrigation is delivering the necessary amount of water and soluble nutrients to the roots of the plants on the required time. In drip irrigation systems, water is delivered frequently and in the right amounts protecting the soil from weeds and erosion. By irrigating the plants with the efficient water usage, it increases productivity, improves product quality, decreases workmanship and fertilizer cost and protects our world against scarcity.

Due to global warming and unconscious water usage, drought rates are increasing. To ensure the continuity of life on earth, water resources must be preserved from running out and consumed responsibly. Drip irrigation allows us to use enough water while saving it. In addition, water flow is not affected by rough terrain, wind and temperature fluctuations. By providing 100% homogeneous irrigation, it causes an increase in yield and product quality. 

With our 37 years of production experience, our main goal is holding our customers’ satisfactions at the highest level. We combine all our drip irrigation products with reliability, reasonable prices and fast delivery.

Çelik Hortum Co. has been producing high quality PVC and rubber hoses since 1986. With 37 years of production experience, our company’s main goal is to satisfy our customers with best price and the shortest delivery time in providing all drip irrigation equipment and other products.


As ÇELİK HORTUM, in order to prevent any negative effects and pollution that may occur in the environment during our production activities, necessary improvements and corrections are made in production by ensuring the continuity of our environmental performance by applying the environmental management system we have determined in accordance with the standards and laws.

By adopting the environmental management system we have determined as a principle to our company, we reduce the negative effects of our activities on the environment by ensuring efficient use of energy and natural resources, reducing the amount of waste and reusing all waste that can be recycled.


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