Drip irrigation is giving the necessary water and souble nutriments to the root area of the plant by water drips in controlled way, on the required time and with the required amounts. In drip irrigation method, water is given freauently and in low amounts which is crucial to protect our World against water scarcity by irrigating the plants with the effective and efficient water usage which increases the productivity / product quality and decreases the workmanship and fertilizer costs. Added to that, drip irrigation protects the soil from weeds and erosion.

Due to global warming and unconscious water use, drought rates are increasing. To ensure the continuity of life in the world, water resources must be protected and savings must be made to ensure that water reserves do not run out quickly. Drip irrigation allows us to use water efficiently while at the same time saving water. In addition, uneven land, wind and temperature fluctuations are not affected by the same 100% homogeneous irrigation provides the products yields and quality increases.

With our 30 years of production experience, we save our customers satisfaction by combining all our products in drop water with reasonable price understanding and fast delivery reliability while saving from the main pumping water.

Çelik Hortum Co. Has been producing high quality PVC and rubber hoses since 1986. With 30 years of manufacturing experience, our company’s main goal in drip irrigation equipments range is making our customers happy by supplying them the high quality products with the best possible price and fastest delivery time.